SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Windows 10 is a bluescreen error that can occur on all versions of Windows 10/8.1/8/7. So the solution described in this article is suitable for all versions of Windows, but the image below and the application given to windows 10. SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Windows 10 Bluescreen can occur because:

  1. Incompatible driver (not suitable) – Especially the graphics driver section.
  2. Software that is not compatible with windows 10 (possibly because you are upgrading windows from 7 to 10 for example).
  3. Some sources mention bluescreen system exception service can occur due to antivirus or clonedrive software.

How to Fix SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION on Windows 10?

If you can not log into a laptop / computer desktop, you can go into safe mode, see: Boot Safe Mode in Windows 10

1. Uninstall antivirus

Some cases of system service exception occur because of software that makes changes to the windows operating system.

2. Update graphic driver (recommended)

Graphic drivers that do not comply with windows operating system or non-update graphic drivers are the number 1 cause of system bluescreen exception service on windows 10. This can happen if the graphic driver gives values that do not match the desired by the kernel code.

3. Run the file system checker

File system checker method is also often used to solve other bluescreen error. System service exception bluescreen on windows 10, can occur with a corrupted file system or error / error occurs in the file system. System File Checker can help you to check and correct the corruption and error.

Press Win key + R > type cmd > OK > type chkdsk /f /r > Enter

4. Repair using Automatic Repair Tool

This tool can solve various problems including corrupt files, system partitions, boot sectors and drivers automatically. See: Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair Tool

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