How to Stream Xbox One Games to Windows 10

How to Stream Xbox One Games to Windows 10. Follow some steps How to start game streaming from Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC. Let’s enable game streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 step by step:

1. Enable Settings on your Xbox One

First you must enable game streaming from your Xbox One. Go to Settings > select Preferences and make sure these two settings are enabled:

  • Allow game streaming to other devices (beta)Allow game streaming to other devices (beta)
  • Enable the SmartGlassEnable the SmartGlass connection From any SmartGlass device or Only from profiles signed in on this Xbox.

2. Connect Windows 10 PC to your Xbox One

After your console settings are correct, you must establish a connection from Windows 10 PC to your Xbox One console from within the Xbox app on your PC:

  • On your PC, launch the Xbox app.
  • Select Connect from the panel on the left side.
  • The Xbox app will scan your home network for available Xbox One consoles. Select the name of the console you want to connect to.

The Xbox app will scan your home networkNote All Xbox One consoles are pre-named “MyXboxOne.” If you have multiple consoles, you should rename each one so that you can correctly identify the console you’re trying to connect to. You can rename your console by going to Settings on your Xbox One and then selecting System. Console name is the first option on the System screen.

  • icons change to indicateOnce you have connected, you’ll see the icons change to indicate you are connected, and you’ll see new options for streaming, power, and media remotes. You’ll also now have control of the console remotely.

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Other Tips:

1. Launch Game Streaming from the Connection panel

click Stream once the console is connectedClick Stream once the console is connected.

2. Launch a Game from the Xbox app

Launch a Game from the Xbox appConnect your console to your PC, as described previously. Then after you click on any Xbox One game in the Xbox app, you can initiate streaming from within that game hub. Just click Play from console in the upper-right corner of the screen. The game will be immediately launched on the Xbox One console, and streaming will start.

3. How to Change Streaming Quality

After your PC is connected to your Xbox One console, you can select a quality level for the video. You can change the quality of your stream before you start streaming or while you are streaming. You should set the quality to the highest level for good gameplay experience. Follow this:

  • select Game streamingIn the Xbox app, click Settings, and then select Game streaming.
  • Under Video encoding level, select a streaming quality. We recommend:
    • High – If both your Xbox One and your Windows 10 PC are connected with a wired Ethernet connection, or if your console and the PC are in the same room as the wireless router with minimal wireless interference.
    • Medium – For 5 GHz wireless networked PCs and consoles that are in different rooms within your home.
    • Low – For low-end PCs and tablets, as well as 2.4 GHz wireless networks.

4. Using in-Game Chat and Party Chat

Plug your USB headset (or microphone) into your Windows 10 PC or your chat headset into your controller before beginning game streaming. Your headset must be selected as the default playback and recording device on your PC. To access this setting, open Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and then select Manage Audio Devices.

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