How to Create System Restore Point in Windows 10

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Are you have problem to Create System Restore Point in Windows 10? you can try this step about How to Create System Restore Point in Windows 10. Let’s to create!

Access System RestoreFirst, access System Restore window via searching in Control Panel or click on Desktop computer icon and navigating to Properties to get option of system protection.

CreateThen in the System Properties box, click System Protection tab then click Create button to create your own Restore Point for Windows 10.

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After you click on Create button - CopyAfter you click on Create button, will pop up one small window to give any name on restore point. In this case, example GetHelpinWindows10, but you can enter your own name. After that, Click Create button to start the restore point making process.

Check the progressYou can check the progress, it will take few minutes to create restore point.

The restore point was created successfullyAfter creating of restore point, will appear one notification dialog on Windows “The restore point was created successfully”.

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