Firefox Quantum more Faster & RAM more Efficient than Chrome

Firefox engineers have developed a new browser engine with codename Project Quantum in recent years. Of course to make Firefox browser so much faster. Now Mozilla is starting to show off the results of their long efforts by introducing Firefox Quantum. Technically, this is Firefox 57, but with such drastic changes to the engine side, Mozilla chose to embed a new name for the browser.

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What are The Advantages of Quantum Firefox?

Obviously with new names, new engines, and new look, changes in Quantum Firefox are not the usual changes. Here are some of the advantages possessed by Quantum Firefox:

1. Twice as Fast

Firefox previously runs on just one CPU core, but Quantum Firefox takes advantage of the multi-core CPUs already owned by PC / mobile today to run more effectively and efficiently. This makes Firefox Quantum has a very fast CSS engine, because the process is run on multiple CPU cores. Compared to last year’s Firefox version, Quantum Firefox is twice as fast when tested using a benchmark Speedometer 2.0. Watch video above.

2. 30% RAM More Efficient than Chrome

Tabs in Quantum Firefox are also overhauled to be smarter in determining the priority of active tabs, the result Mozilla claims that Firefox Quantum 30% RAM is more useless than Chrome browser.

3. Intelligent New Look

Firefox Quantum uses Project Photon-based view. So with this new design you can focus more, and already supports High DPI screen. This display is also more modern and impressed more flat and minimalist, a design style that is loved today.
But the main advantage of the Quantum-based Photon Project-based display is its “intelligence” to detect devices. So when you use a touch screen device, the menu size automatically changes and adjusts, depending on whether you use the mouse or touch.

4. Built-in Pocket

With Pocket you can save articles to read later. In Firefox Quantum, Pocket integrates more closely. When you open a new tab, the page that is trending in Pocket will immediately appear.

Firefox Quantum Release Date

When Firefox Quantum will released? The final version of Firefox Quantum will be released November 14, 2017, and for those of you who can not wait to taste it can download its beta version here.

Download Firefox Quantum Beta for Windows/Android/iOS/Developer Edition

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