Add Program to Startup in Windows 10

How to Add Program to Startup in Windows 10?

Today i will show you how to doing it with easy step. You know some of programs need to run in Windows startup for safety reasons like Antivirus program or convenience like Nero StartSmart, SHAREit, Skype, Dropbox, etc. Also some users wants to add a specific program or folder to open at Windows 10 startup for convenience reasons. Let’s follow How to Add Program to Startup in Windows 10 below:

  1. See your program on desktop, example: Nero StartSmart.
  2. Right click then click copy.
  3. Press Win + X then click Run.
  4. Type shell:startup then OK.
  5. Folder file will open.
  6. Right click and paste. Example: Nero StartSmart
  7. Right click on windows logo then click Task Manager. Or you can use key with Ctrl + Alt + Del then choose Task Manager.
  8. Tap More details.
  9. Tap Startup.
  10. Now you can see Nero StartSmart add to Startup.

OK, that is an easy step How to Add Programs to Startup in Windows 10, if you get problems, please comment.

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