Activate Cortana on Windows 10

Activate Cortana Windows 10 and configure for your windows 10.

Follow this steps How to Activate Cortana Windows 10 to configure and start using Cortana on your Windows 10 PC:

1. Log on to your Windows 10 computer.
2. Click inside the search bar available next to the Start button.
3. From the bottom of the displayed popup box, click Allow to start configuring Cortana.
4. On the What would you like me to call you interface, type your name in the available field and click Enter from the bottom.
5. On the next window, listen to your name as Cortana calls it out, and if you find it pronounced the name correctly, click Sounds Good from the bottom. Note: You can also click the That’s Wrong button from the bottom if Cortana did not pronounce your name correctly and you want to make the changes.
7. From the bottom of the next window, click Done to finalize the configuration.
8. After this is done, you can click the Options button (button with three horizontal lines) from the top-left corner of the Cortana box.
9. From the displayed menu, click Settings and start fine tuning Cortana as per your preferences. (Optional)
10. To set reminders, click the Options button.
11. Click Reminders from the displayed options.
12. From the bottom of the Reminders interface, click the add button with the + sign.
13. On the When should I remind you box, specify the reminder type.
14. Click the Place and/or Time options, and populate the available fields with the desired values.
15. Click Done under the edited fields and click the Remind button to set the reminder.
15. To add your favorite place, click the Options button from the top-left corner of Cortana’s interface.
16. From the displayed options, click Places.
17. From the bottom of the Places window that appears next, click Add.
18. In the available field in the Add a favorite box, type and search the name of your favorite place.
19. When found, click to select the place from the results list.
20. Specify your nickname in the available field in the next window, and set the location using the option buttons under the field.
21. Finally click Save from the bottom to save your favorite place.

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